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     How to Publish an eBook     

Day after day at Writers and Lovers Studio writers from all over the globe inquire how to publish an ebook. How to publish, though, is only the first step. The next is how to sell. If you want to be taken seriously as an independent author, you must make your ebooks fly off the digital shelves. The four biggest ebook retailers are Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Store, and Kobo Books.

Writers all over hone their skills at running a successful ebook publishing business, and donning on - by sheer necessity - multiple hats. They turn self-publishers, proofreaders, layout artists, ebook cover designers, webmasters, distributors, and of course, promoters. Luckily, the Internet brims with the ehow. Scribes train to profit as digital entrepreneurs.

The Internet ehow is often offering pep-talk like “Ain't Complicated!” or even, occasionally, “It's a piece of cake!” but beware! The formatting, file conversion, as well as the ebook cover design, are not fool-proof, though. They threaten to turn into colossal time-wasters - if not done right.

If you go DIY, here are four sides of epublishing business that we here, at the Writers and Lovers Studio deal with on a daily basis:



The manuscript quality is paramount, followed by the quality of the ecover design. The author's deeply emotional investment results in a sweetheart of a book. For digital purchasing, covers need to stand out. The best covers offer a striking image, basically resembling an icon, that is clearly visible even at the thumbnail size. The same is becoming increasingly true about printed books. We offer quality printing at easy rates. Keep in mind, each edition of your book should be assigned a unique ISBN number to protect it throughout the global supply chain. 



Should you go global? Everything indicates that you should. As writers turn cyber-lovers, anybody is game. Everybody is going global. There are so many different ebook formats in existence that trying to get your ebook into every possible format isn't practical. However, it is a good idea to make your ebook available in the 4 most popular ebook formats: Portable Document Format (PDF), Kindle Format (AZW),Mobipocket Format (MOBI, PRC), and ePub Format (ePub).


Marketing and Promotion

Do you want your ebooks to fly off the shelves? Of course, everyone wants that. Evaluate the power of your blurb, the ingenuity of your pitch, and the strength of your synopsis. Don't disregard the value of a good title. In short, try to list the most effective forms of promotion you can give your ebook to create a buzz around it.

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